Feather & Black – customer service shambles

I do not recommend that you buy from Feather & Black.  I would also add that I don’t normally believe in moaning on the internet, but on this occasion I want to warn as many people as possible about the pitfalls of ordering from them.  This is my sorry saga from start to finish:

  • December 2012 – order bed from Morningside store. Despite they fact we offer to pay in full, manager insists we only pay a deposit.
  • 03 January 2013 – at least 10 working days after deposit paid, and after phone calls, bed order is emailed to us.
  • 09 January 2013 – when we ring to find out when our bed will be shipped, are told by the store that because we haven’t paid in full, the delivery will not be organised! Go into store and make further payment.
  • January 2013 – delivery day. Bed arrives. A structural bolt is missing. After phoning the store and customer services for help, are assured new ones are in the post.
  • 04 February – email to say fixing kit is on the way from customer services
  • 12 February – Request from customer services to send a picture of the bolts we require as completely wrong bolts have been sent.  Person from 04 Feb email no longer works for the company
  • 17 February – email with photos to customer services sent (we were on holiday on 12 February)
  • 08 March – person from 12 February no longer works for the company. Start the complaint from the beginning.
  • March – bolt arrives
  • March – May 2013 – continuing phone calls and emails to customer services about compensation – after protracted conversations, delivery fee is refunded in late May.
  • 29 July 2013 – bed fundamentally breaks. On investigation the bolts (not the same oes that were missing) used to secure the main joist are not the correct type. See pics below. Phone calls and emails to Customer Services – person from 08 March no longer works for the company.  Customer Services claim it is a known fault with the bed which has now been rectified.
Broken Bed

Broken Bed

Shoddy work

Shoddy work

Poor bed design

Poor bed design

  • 13 August 2013 – after many conversations of getting no-where about broken bed – write letter to both MD and HQ – sent by special delivery (incidentally the letter to MD was returned to us unopened).
  • 14 August 2013 – email from “Head of Customer Services” to say that she is surprised we have had problems with the bed, there are no known issues and it’s one of their bestsellers.  We can have new bed or a full refund. Request full refund.
  • 15 August – 23 August – Feather and Black confirm that they will not refund the money until they have collected broken bed. Despite the fact we paid for the bed before delivery.
  • 23 August – Purchase new bed and agree to accept refund on collection of broken bed. “Head of Customer Services” promises refund will be issued immediately and she will personally oversee.
  • 29 August – delivery date of new bed confirmed, Feather & Black confirm they will collect broken bed the day after. After confusion on method of refund, Feather & Black confirm this will be processed immediately.
  • 03 September – after phone call from deliver company who have gone to collect at the invoicing address (our old address before moving and address we were living at when ordering the bed) bed is collected. “Head of Customer Services” does not understand the mistake saying she only ever had one address on file. Promises that refund has been passed to finance for immediate payment.
  • 06 September – As refund has not hit the bank, phone customer services to find out what has happened. They find my customer details through the invoice address (the one “Head of Customer Services” claims they didn’t have) and say that although payments take 7-10 working days to arrive, our file has been marked urgent.
  • 06 September – Email from “Head of Customer Services” saying she had always told us the payment would take 7-10 working days.
  • 10 September – our “immediate” refund hits the bank.

Feather and Black – this is a catalogue of errors. As a customer I have been:

  • Given poor quality goods
  • Given the wrong information about said goods
  • Lied to about goods and timing of refund

For anyone thinking of ordering from them – don’t! For anyone having troubles, please leave me a comment and I will pass on email and direct dial of the “Head of Customer Services”.

I thank you for reading my rant.


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About salidatious

I am Welsh but have lived in Edinburgh since 2004. I have been a PA for most of that time.
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49 Responses to Feather & Black – customer service shambles

  1. c_b_richardson says:

    Good god, it’s stories like this that give me the fear every time I consider any non-trivial purchase. Glad to hear it was finally resolved, but that’s properly shocking.

  2. Dear Salidatious,
    I am so sorry for the poor experience you have had which falls way short of our usual high standard of customer service.
    For anyone thinking of ordering from us, I can assure you that instances such as this are few and far between. Have a look at the following link: http://www.feefo.com/reviews/Feather–Black/?internal=true&mode=&id=102642&since=week&feedbacktype=service_feedback to see feedback from hundreds of happy customers. For anyone experiencing problems then by all means feel free to contact me, that’s what I am here for.

    Best regards,
    Sally Sheppard
    Head of Customer Services
    Feather & Black

  3. Brigid Kennedy says:

    That’s horrendous, Sal. Thanks for drawing it to our attention.

  4. Elizabeth Lloyd says:

    Sally Sheppard’s response to the severe problems experienced by their customer does not reassure me that they would be a company to do business with.

  5. hannah jasper says:

    the link to their review site seems to be an invite review page so rather biased really.

  6. Chris Miller says:

    Jings, Sally. That’s horrendous. Almost as appalling as my Habitat sofa-bed story, which I shall tell you one day. Or possibly two: it’s quite a lengthy tale. Chris x

  7. Cressida Ford says:

    Yikes – sounds like a nightmare (or would have been if you’d been able to get any sleep). Poor you 🙁 Glad you’ve got your money back now.

  8. Martin says:

    Somewhat hollow comment from Sally / Customer Services. I hope you have been properly compensated for such a mess

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  10. Darcie says:

    Hey Sal (author),

    I think this is appalling and unacceptable – including Sally from F&B’s response. So much so, she made my post I had already been writing on customer service – with a link to your post here as well.


  11. Amanda Chesney says:

    I echo your thoughts on Feather & Black, I have had a similarly hideous experience with a curt, defensive response from Sally Sheppard. Two faulty double beds delivered in April, it took a further 3 deliveries over the course of the next 5 months to have 2 beds with non faulty parts. Even in the last delivery, the men arrived without tools so couldn’t replace the part and take the faulty piece away. No response from F&B throughout just re-delivery messages from their courier – though claims of messages left on answer machines (!!). Shame as the people in their stores are very helpful.

  12. Karen says:

    Very worried now ordered bed 3rd November 13 should have been delivered early December, still waiting look’s like we will be going down the same road 🙁

  13. salidatious says:

    Hi Karen – hope the bed arrives soon! I would just keep ringing everyday until the bed arrives. Sally

  14. Niki Radford says:

    Sadly we found your blog about F&B too late as we are too embroiled in an absolute nightmare both with them and their useless delivery company DHD, I won’t bore you with the details but neither of these companies have any idea what communication is! We have now requested a full refund instead of them trying to Palm us off with a replacement that DHD can’t seem to deliver anyway. I just can’t take any more of their blatant incompetence!

  15. salidatious says:

    Hi Niki
    I’m so sorry you have having problems too. It’s a real shame that Feather & Black can’t take heed of this blog post and comments to make changes for the better. Keep at them until you get your money back! Sally

  16. Charles van der Lande says:

    Have also had very poor experience with them. I cancelled the order before delivery as I got fed up and lost trust.

    Still waiting for the refund but only cancelled the order 8 days ago.

  17. salidatious says:

    Hi Charles, hope you get your refund soon! Sally

  18. Suzi says:

    Eek, this does not bode well! I received my delivery two days ago and the divan base and headboard are two different colours. Very dissappointing having waited 8.5 weeks. So far the customer service team has failed to respond to me, and every time I call them it goes straight to answer phone. I would be grateful for a direct dial, and email address please! Thank you!

  19. salidatious says:

    Hi Suzi/Simon, I have emailed with the contacts I have. Good luck!

  20. Jane Wilson says:

    Wish I’d known before I ordered. I’m now dealing with the appalling customer service skills of Feather and Black, the same Sally is giving me the same hollow, unhelpful responses about the bed they failed to deliver in time. I strongly dislike her tone and attitude and can’t believe they’re getting away with it.

  21. salidatious says:

    Hi Jane, I’m so sorry you’re experiencing problems too! Fingers crossed it gets sorted out soon. Sally

  22. Tom says:

    I can’t believe my eyes reading this!

    It’s taken 4 months and 6 separate deliveries for Feather and Black to deliver us a bed which will fit together. Trouble is, the latest effort is the wrong colour, has no feet and is the wrong colour.

    The mattress was also soiled on delivery.

    This has to be the most disfunctional retailer I have ever dealt with – we have also been led a merry dance with delivery dates and no shows, and substantial delays less than 24 hours before delivery.

    Feather and black may claim to have good feedback, but closer inspection reveals the lions share of these relate to linen. They appear to have real issues with their beds – their core business undermined by a lousy supply chain, disorganised delivery, lousy customer service and sales staff that don’t give a damn after you purchase the goods.

    An utter shambles of a company

  23. Tom says:

    Regarding the above, the bed is the wrong colour, wrong size and has no feet! Also, no one from the company has been in touch to collect the previous deliveries – my bedroom is full of bed parts!

  24. salidatious says:

    Tom, I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience! All I can suggest is being persistent to resolve the problem! For us, we wanted no more continued connection with them, so a refund and a new bed from somewhere else was the only option! Good luck! Sally

  25. anthea says:

    Hi there I can’t believe your complaint, what a nightmare. I found your letter because I am having a nightmare with this company as well and was searching for an email address for the MD or head of Customer Services as I am fed up with speaking to their useless sales team. We ordered my daughter a bed, wardrobe and chest of draws back in July last year. The wardrobe and bed turned up in November (they took full payment in July) after numerous calls we were finally told they were having problems with the manufacturer and the chest of draws should be with us in February. It finally arrived in March and now most of the handles have fallen off!!! Not happy but after reading your letter am not convinced I am going to get anywhere with this company. Wish I’d known, I would have saved my money and gone to Ikea!! Thanks so much 🙂

  26. salidatious says:

    Hi Anthea. What a shame. I’ll email you the address I have shortly. Sally

  27. Brad says:

    Dear readers,

    I am not sure what all the negative comments are about, as I for one have had an extremely positive experience with F&B’s customer service. Sally Sheppard has gone out of her way to replace a bed base that was slightly damaged in transit. Rather than replace the base, which is fully functional – I asked for a voucher instead, which Sally immediately arranged and emailed me – for an amount well beyond my expectations.
    We are thrilled with the furniture we received and will definitely be recommending F&B to all our friends.

  28. salidatious says:

    Dear Brad, I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with F&B – you’re the only one so far on the post that keeps on giving! Sally

  29. Sam Allen says:

    Sally, would you mind sending me the contact details for head of customer services too? Our bed has been delivered without deep enough holes for them to fit the bolts in and I think it’s about to spiral into a saga, given we waited 10 weeks for the bed in the first place and now are without a response as to what they are going to do about it a week on!


  30. salidatious says:

    Hi Sam. I’ve emailed you details, so hopefully that will help! S

  31. Philip Child says:

    Feather & Black must have one of the worst Customer Services Department in the UK.

    We ordered a bed and bedside cabinets, paid in full and was then advised the bed was out of stock and would not arrive until a month later. One month went by, no contact from F&B so I phoned to be told another months delay, guess what – waited till the end of the month and nothing. Phoned the Tunbridge Wells store again and once again given the brush off, in fact they gave the impression they were doing me a favor for even investigating the problem ! As this was obviously a delivery issue, the container hadn’t arrived from China, I emailed Nicky Millard at F&B who like Davide Cameron, promised much but delivered little.

    The moral of this story is don’t pay until you have the goods and if you need something inside six months shop somewhere else

  32. salidatious says:

    Hi Philip
    Really sorry you’ve had a bad experience! Let me know if you like the details of the Head of Customer Services.

  33. Rose Lennard says:

    My heart is sinking reading this! I had a Marblehead bedframe delivered when I moved house on 22/07, it wouldn’t assemble as a bracket had been glued and screwed onto the central strut crooked, so it wouldn’t fit over the corresponding bracket on the frame. I phoned the shop, who contacted customer services. It took several more calls before someone called me back on 24/07, but I won’t have the bed put together until next week now, and no guarantee of that. It’s not a cheap bed by any means but right now it is taking up all the bedroom but is unusable, and I don’t have anywhere else to put the mattress. I also can’t unpack my clothes into the underbed drawers so everything is still in boxes. Oh – and one of the bedside tables arrived badly damaged, and the other has big gaps around the drawers – up to 5mm – looks badly made. Very disappointing.

  34. salidatious says:

    Hi Rose, I’m really sorry if you having problems! If you’d like me to pass on some contact details, comment again and I’ll email what I have (although nearly a year old now!). Sally

  35. amanda mccarthy says:

    Hi Salidatious

    You are a God send and so kind to
    share your knowledge! I ordered a bed from f and b
    which was meant to arrive on Saturday, this did not happen
    and the delivery company DHD only told me this at 5pm.
    I emailed both DHD and F and B. DHD called me today and
    agreed to deliver this evening how nice of them! Bed has arrived at 8pm! Being built
    I have checked it and both headboard and end of bed are scratched? !!!
    Please send me the details of the head of customer services as I will be emailing
    them asap. Ridiculous!!!


  36. Amanda McCarthy says:

    Hi Salidatious,

    thank you for sharing you experience as I had a nightmare with the delivery company for my bed bought from F &B. They were meant to deliver it at 5pm on Saturday and called me at 5pm to say it would not be delivered!!!! With a lame excuse about the driver having to stop driving because of legislation. Bad planning! My bed was delivered last night with THREE scratches on it (apart from that it is a beautiful bed) and so I will need the bed head and leg head replaced!! I only took delivery as I had taken my old bed outside for the bins. Please can you pass on the details of F&B Head of Customer Services kindly as I do not want to go around the houses being shunted from pillar to post. You are very kind!

  37. Fraser says:

    This all sounds horribly familiar. Long story short, some of our order was delivered to the wrong address, some was missing, Feather and Black then tried to charge again for the missing items before they would deliver and the cherry on the cake is that I’ve been waiting over 12 weeks for our bed. Today I’ve been trying to get hold of Sally Sheppard and was promised a call back, but when I had not received by 17:15 I decided to call again, waited in the “queue” for 17 mins only for the line to be cut off because it had reached closing time…

  38. Grace says:

    Hello all

    I was really nervous about my order with F and B as I read all these horrible stories after I ordered with the Edinburgh store! Have to say though that the entire experience has been nothing but pleasant, the staff seem to know their stuff and the delivery went like a dream. Noticed your reply to Brad in previous reply and to be honest I think a lot of the negativity and lack of positives are down to the fact that most people only get vocal when things go wrong. Can’t comment on customer services as had no need for them.

  39. salidatious says:

    Fraser, hope it gets sorted out in the end!

  40. salidatious says:

    Hi Grace, glad your experience of the company is different to the majority of others that have commented on this post! Sally

  41. Farida L says:


    We purchased a bed costing £2500 from feather and black. After 2 months the mattress is severely dipping on one side.

    Feather and Black have said its a problem with the slats, and that the mattress will rectify itself. Nearly a month on, still waiting for the slats to be fitted and we can’t use the mattress.

    Sally Sheppard in customer services is appalling, not even an apology. And won’t let you speak to anyone else. Claims she is the manager…not in my book

    If anyone has any other customer service contacts, pls let me know

  42. salidatious says:

    Dear Farida, thanks for your comment and sorry you are having problems. You could look up the company directors at Companies House and write to them? Sally

  43. KJ says:

    Bought two beds from Feather and Black and had them assembled etc. Having major issues with Phoebe five foot standard bedstead where slats are slipping out. Went to local store and was met by a not very helpful individual who eventually stated they would forward more slats. Can see this escalating into major problem and whilst out of guarantee period they are close to not being fit for purpose. This is a bed that has only had seven months use. Anyone with a similar issue I would be interested to hear about and would like the head honchos details. When I asked for the details of Customer Service she became evasive stating the telephone may come back to them. I can foresee problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you KJ

  44. timdp says:

    Was this a Salisbury? My Salisbury has just failed in what looks like the exact same way.

  45. salidatious says:

    Hi Tim, Just checked and it was a Salisbury! Sorry.

  46. salidatious says:

    Hi KJ sorry you are having problems, I’ll email you the contacts that I have. Sally

  47. timdp says:

    Helpful at least that it’s a known defect, at the moment they are suggesting I pay the difference between what I paid for the bed when I bought it (in a sale) and a replacement bed of a different model as they no longer have the Salisbury.

    If they don’t change their tune shortly I’ll be quoting some EU law at them.

  48. Mary says:

    Hi my sister has has similar experience whereby the people who assembled the bed wrecked it. Two upholsterers later (one of whom supposedly involved in car accident after initial inspection – sounds like a film plot) agreement bed faulty however now seeking replacement. Would be grateful for f&b contacts thanks

  49. salidatious says:

    Hi Mary, I’ve sent you an email with details. Sally

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